Thursday, June 28, 2012

How old are you?

I have several friends and family members with “milestone” Birthdays this year: 50, 60 and 70.  I myself turned ( *gasp*gasp* ) 40.  I am frowning as I type that. Ohhh, am I frowning.
This has me thinking a lot about “age.” What exactly does that word mean, age.

I was recently talking to someone about how I thought life would be “different” by now: i.e., have my life (more or less) figured out; feel more settled; have a house; be married/engaged/ or otherwise “partnered;” know what I wanted “to do” with my life.  I was lamenting that I know none of the answers to these things despite the fact that I was “already 40!!!!!” The person’s response was,” So? What’s 40? What does that that mean?”  I didn’t know, other than it seems like enough years on the planet to have figured out something.

Then I received an email from my dad.   It turns out that my Great Aunt Anna is now considered to be the oldest person in Minnesota at 111 ½ years old.  She comments that her long life may be due to, “…lard sandwiches, bacon and eggs…and lots of potatoes.”  So maybe the fact that I like Spam is working in my favor? The full article about Anna in the Minneapolis Star Tribune can be found here Anna Stoehr, U.S.'s 15th-oldest person

So maybe I have more time than I think to “figure it out,” or maybe the whole point is just to keep on keepin' on, and everything will come together as it should.

This is an absolute non-sequitor, but I saw something this morning that I have to share.
I was watching Good Morning America when.......ok, wait.  Let's back up. 

I have always been a Today Show devotee, and some of you may know this.  I have been trying to do something worthy of a Matt Lauer interview for years.  Anyhow, ever since Meredith left the show hasn't been the same.  Now I only briefly tune in to wave to Matt in the morning, you know, so he doesn't forget about me.  Then I turn to Good Morning America ( but only until 8am because then I have to watch That Girl re-runs on MeTV).
I digress.  

So on Good Morning America they showed a YouTube video of some guys from Kansas performing a parody of pop group LMFAO's hit "I'm Sexy and I Know It," but this version is called," I'm Farming and I Grow It."
I have to share the video as it made this Midwest "somewhat farm-girl" laugh all morning! This is awesome!

Have fun this weekend!!

The Marin County Fair starts on June 30th! Corn dogs! Funnelcakes! Llamas! Oh my!
Marin County Fair

Summer Nights at the Oakland Museum, Friday, June 29th.  Oakland Museum

Unique SF -- The largest curated, independent design show in the country. You’ll get the rare chance to meet and shop directly from over 250 hand-selected designers and artists.  June 30 & July 1, 11-6. Unique SF

Alfred Hitchcock's San Francisco: A walking tour. Sunday, July 1, 11am, Huntington Park (Sacramento St. & Mason).  FREE! (Tour ends at Union Square).

Sunday Street 2012: Mission District.  Sunday, July 1, 11-4. Sunday Streets 2012


  1. Wow! What an amazing relative you have, and what an inspiring newspaper article! It makes me feel much better about my own recent milestone birthday.
    I wish your blog could show up on the MCFL main website page when you post!

    1. I agree--sometimes it's hard to find you, but it's always a pleasure when I do. Keep on keeping on!