Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A very special Birthday request

I think Birthdays are important and I get equally excited whether it’s my Birthday or someone else's I can celebrate.

So when I heard the story of what one mom is doing for her son, I just listened and cried. 

Perhaps you have heard the story already as it's been all over the news and morning TV programs ---

A Michigan mom, Jennifer, asked her son Colin if he would like a Birthday party for his upcoming 11th birthday on March 9.  He said he didn’t want a party because he didn’t have anyone to invite.  He didn’t have any friends and no one at school liked him.

Getting creative, Jennifer took to Facebook, and created a page for her son’s birthday hoping to get a few people to write kind messages to him and she would surprise him with it on his Birthday.  Jennifer’s son has something similar to Asperger’s syndrome, and his peers don’t understand him and it is hard for him to make friends.  Jennifer is keeping her efforts for Colin a secret until his BIG day on March 9.

From Colin’s Happy Birthday Facebook Page:

     “I am Colin's mom, I created this page for my amazing, wonderful, challenging son who is about to turn 11 on March 9th. Because of Colin's disabilities, social skills are not easy for him, and he often acts out in school, and the other kids don't like him. So when I asked him if he wanted a party for his birthday, he said there wasn't a point because he has no friends. He eats lunch alone in the office everyday because no one will let him sit with them, and rather than force someone to be unhappy with his presence, he sits alone in the office. So I thought, if I could create a page where people could send him positive thoughts and encouraging words, that would be better than any birthday party. Please join me in making my very original son feel special on his day.”

Here is the link to "Colin's Happy Birthday" Facebook page

and you will need to sign in to Facebook to write your Happy Birthday wish.
Here is the link to the  ABC news article and video 
(get your tissues out!)

Everyone deserves recognition and especially on their Birthday.  I urge you to go to his page and write a little message.  If you’re not on Facebook, you can send a card to this address:

Colin   P.O. Box 756   Richland, MI  49803-0756

When you feel alone and like no one likes you the world feels like a heart wrenching place to be. It just takes a small step by another person to begin to erase that feeling.  Words may seem small but they are everything.  They are power.  One phrase can make an enormous difference in the day of someone’s life.  Let’s all help Colin know that he’s is not alone in this world and wish him a Happy Birthday!

It will do your Valentine heart good.

Go out and celebrate life this weekend!  THREE-day weekend!  WooooHooo!

It's FREE National Parks weekend!  For list of local free parks, check here.
....think Muir Woods; Yosemite! 

Saturday, February 16, and Sunday 17th, Chinatown Community Street Fair  Details here

Saturday, February 16, Chinese New Year Parade!!!  5:15-8pm, Chinatown, SF  Map and details here

It's the LAST weekend of the Bulgari exhibit at the De Young Museum -- and they *are* open on Monday,

Sunday, February 16, 1-3pm, KUSF's Rock'n'Swap Record Fair.  Gee, I wonder where I'll be?
All the info you need is right here

Friday, December 20, 2013

" Ladies and Gentlemen...

please pick your partners for…..the Waltz!"

And so echoes the gentle man’s voice from the edge of Fezziwig’s Dance Parlor at the Dickens Faire, perhaps one of my favorite places on the planet.  Every year I spend the month of November saying," It's almost here.  It's almost here!"  I love the Dickens Faire for many reasons – the feeling of being transported to another age.  The costumes.  Ohhhh, I love the costumes and vow to one day make a dress to wear to the Faire.  The dancing; the role play ( *not* by me, I am not a role-play gal, but I sure do appreciate the fact that there are people out there who love to play the role to set the mood).  And then there are the almonds.   Fresh cinnamon roasted almonds.  It is *well* worth the wait in line, trust me.  
Coventry Carolers at the Paddy West Stage

Fezziwig's Dance Parlor

There is something for everyone; dancing; singing; mini-plays; shopping.  And ladies, if you are at Fezziwig’s dance parlor you *will* get asked to dance over and over again, I assure you! It’s splendid. And they will teach you how to dance, so if you don’t know how to waltz or polka, it’s all good.
Spin your partner 'round and 'round
They also have dance performances.  This is where, every year, I see my super-secret-Scottish-boyfriend.  He is in the performance of the Scottish and Irish dance group.  The romance is only super-secret since he doesn’t know about it, but that’s a minor detail really, right?!  Every year we see each other from across the room and it’s like a day hasn’t passed. *sigh*
There’s nothing to put you in a better mood, and a better holiday mood than the Dickens Faire. 
Happy Christmas!

The Dickens Faire runs through Dec 22. Hurry!  More information can be found HERE

Or try any of these fun events, there are so many!

Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market, December 21-22, Concourse  Exhibition Center, FREE.

Christmas Carols and Ugly Sweater Contest -- meet at St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church, 2325 Union Street at Steiner Street, at 1:00 PM to join in the Caroling Stroll up and down Union Street.  More information here

Winter Solstice Night hike and Campfire, Saturday night, December 21, Presidio, 5-6:30pm.  FREE, but you do need to register by calling
415-561-4323.  Details can be found on their website  

Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair, December 22.  Telegraph Ave between Dwight Way and Bancroft, 11am-6pm. Telegraph Fair

90's Simpson's Trivia Night and Watch Party! Sunday night, December 22, 5-9pm at the Knockout in San Francisco.  The Knockout

Friday, December 6, 2013

Frosted Window Panes

Today was the perfect day.
Why?  I had to scrape frost off my car windows before I could drive to work!

It.  Was.  Awesome.
And no, I am not joking.  I know I’ve said it before, but being from Minnesota, well, it just isn’t the Holiday season until it’s cold outside and the frost appears.  I was so thrilled to *scrape*scrape*scrape* with my trusty snow scraper, straight from the Motherland, mind you.
So now I can relax and enjoy the season.  It's here.  It’s cold.  I’ve found my mittens and scarves; happily scraped my car windows and it’s a good, good day.

December 6, 2013.  Frost to scrape.  Everything is right in the world.

There's so much going on in the Bay area, I don't know where to start! Here are a few of my favorites for the weekend -- Have fun!

The 2013 San Francisco Holiday Bazaar  ( this used to be called the Bizarre Bazaar)
December 7-8, 2013, 11 am to 6 pm
Concourse Exhibition Center, 620 Seventh St. (at Brannan), SF

2013 Jingletown Holiday Art Walk
Saturday-Sunday, December 7-8, 2013, 11 am to 6 pm
Sunday there will be live Bluegrass and a parade!
Jingletown Neighborhood, between the Park and Fruitvale Street bridges, Oakland

Snail Mail Social! Write letters to Santa on vintage typewriters!
Saturday December 7, 1-4pm.
Check this out on Facebook!

2013 Tiburon Holiday Festival
Saturday, December 7, 2013 | Noon to 7 pm
Downtown Tiburon

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hey, Mom! What's an LP?

The other day I was meandering through Bed, Bath and Beyond (or as I call it, Bed, Bath and Beyonce), when I overheard a girl who appeared to be 14 or 15 years old ask," Mom, what's an LP?" (the girl was looking at the box for a turntable that would put your LP's onto a CD.) I was saddened to think we are now at a place in time where people won't know what an LP is; they won't become nostalgic when they hear the 'scratch-scratch' of the needle being placed on vinyl; or treasure the moment you remove the cellophane from your new Xanadu fold out LP soundtrack. (yes, I do have that.)

I’ve always loved music and as a child I had a very strong attachment to my record player. It was not just any old record player mind you, but a Hardy Boys record player.  I know, right! It even had a microphone.  I guess you could call it early 70’s karaoke.  The reason I had the Hardy Boys record player was, of course, due to my adoration of Shaun Cassidy. 

He’s looking right at me!  Singing right to me!  You know I was the one he met on a Monday and his heart stood still, right?  I know, I know.  The luck continues.

Anyway, when I wasn’t getting my Da Do Run Run on, I wore out 2 other LPs……well, a ’45 and an LP.  Sigh……’45’s. 

I would spend an inordinate amount of time singing along with Paul McCartney and Wings’s,” Listen to What the Man Said” wondering just who was this "man” and can anyone tell me please what he said?  ( I was about 4-5 years old at the time, so I was not terribly skilled with interpreting lyrics.)  Another album I wore out……..get ready……the soundtrack LP to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.   
No.  I’m not kidding.

“Oh Chitty, you Chitty, pretty Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang we love you….”  (God bless my mother who had to put up with me “singing” all the Truly Scrumptious songs).

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because THIS WEEKEND (oh, I can hardly stand the excitement, I kid you not!) is the first time they will be showing the SING-ALONG Chitty-Chitty-Bang Bang at the Castro theatre! 
I know.  It’s almost too much, isn’t it?!  My mind is spinning.

Saturday and Sunday, August 3 &4, 2pm only.  If you’ve never been to a Castro Theatre Sing-Along, well, they are so joyful and fun and everyone has such a great time I can't recommend it enough.

And remember, "…… A gentle breeze from Hushabye Mountain softly blows o'er lullaby bay.
It fills the sails of boats that are waiting--waiting to sail your worries away."

Other Upcoming fun things:

Oakland’s Art and Soul Festival!  August 3 &4.

2013 Summer Gardening Fair at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens. 

12th Annual Peace Lantern Ceremony, North end of Aquatic Park, Berkeley.

Music:  Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers, Saturday night August 3rd, San Rafael.