About this blog

It’s easy to get stuck in a mundane, repetitive pattern isn’t it? Work, eat, sleep.  Work, eat, sleep.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Throw is some general life chaos and a person can feel out of sorts rather quickly.  You start to think, “Where did the fun go?”
That’s where Reset comes in……

When machines or electronics don’t work -- when they get stuck or freeze up on us, what do we do? We push the reset button.  When we get stuck, start to feel burned out and can't remember the last time we had fun, what can we do?  We can find a way to Reset ourselves.

My friends tell me I’m really good at finding unique ways to Reset my life.  Reset my brain.  Good at finding fun, different, quirky events to go to in the Bay area, and that’s part of what I’ll share with you in this blog.   I’ll let you know what I’m up to as well as fill you in on fun and interesting things coming up that you might want to do, too.  Maybe it will be a concert, or a cupcake tasting contest…..maybe a great book, movie, or the pleasure of a great photo.  Small ways to make life feel a little better.  And hopefully you will share your ideas with me as well!