Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Madness!

So did you notice there was a little bit of basketball on TV this weekend?  Did you hear talk of brackets, where to watch the games,  people upset that their team didn’t come through and bets about what team would come out on top? Did you consume too much of…..everything…..while participating, or pretending to?  Well it’s here!  March Madness has begun and also (seemingly) round the clock talk from every angle of college basketball.  Personally, I’m rooting for Kentucky, for no other reason than I like it there.  It's beautiful and the people are incredibly kindhearted.  Therefore, I have pulled out the pom poms and I am ready to cheer.  I really know very little of bracketology, odds or  placing bets on such things, but it is all around me and I can’t ignore it so I may as well join in the frenzy! (you know how I hate to miss out!)

There’s a new blog out there, the MARCHVEGAS blog which not only has witty & fun posts about March Madness (and encourages us to enjoy March Madness in Las Vegas) but also proposes that we turn the weekend of March 15-18 into a new 4-day holiday weekend  Now who can’t get on board with that?  I have to say I noticed a few more folks than usual missing at work on the first 2 days of games.....Hmmmm.  Plus it's a long, long stretch from the President’s Day Holiday in February until the next official day off, Memorial Day, at the end of May.  Oh how do we start this petition?

On our own MCFL blog, we also have 2 other staff posts about the March Madness craze:

The Madness continues through April 2nd -- good luck on your brackets and GO KENTUCKY!

My favorite spots to watch the games:

Kezar Pub  fun, crazy, loud, and a TV at every turn of the head.

Park Chalet (downstairs from the Beach Chalet)  smaller fun crowd (which means less waiting for anything you might order), 4 TVs plus a projector screen TV.....and the best crab salad sandwich.  Ever.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


No words can capture how much I love this photo.