About Me

"What are we going to do now?"
The question that has plagued my family and friends since I was old enough to talk.

Planking on random objects.  A new hobby.
"What are we going to do now? -- as in -- where can we go?
What can we see? What fun can we have? What am I missing out on?
Surely we are not just going to sit here.....

When I'm not working at the Library --
I run. I swim. I practice yoga.  I scour local blogs, newspapers and bulletin boards for adventures in every corner of the Bay Area.
I'm drawn to music.  Music can change everything in a moment.  Dancing, flash mob, planking, anything with skates and a good latte are high on my list as well.
In the end, memories are all we have, I want to make as many as possible....and I still don't want to miss anything!!

Swimming @ Aquatic Park......Alcatraz!.......Jaws!!.....Nemo!!!