Thursday, April 12, 2012

Play Ball!

It happens every Spring.
Cody Ross
Giants baseball returns, and I get excited for tense innings, Kruk and Kuip, going to games bundled up in more clothing than I ever wore during a Minnesota winter, and the Sheboygan bratwurst. No garlic fries. They are too soggy.  Now, if someone comes up with a double fried garlic fries booth, I will be the first in line.  ( If anyone would like to start this, please contact me.)

But this spring, all I’m wondering is,” who are all these new guys and how will I survive without my favorite players?” Where’s my Cody Ross?  I’ll tell you where, playing for the Red Sox. Do you think it’s too much to move to Boston?
Andres Torres
Where’s my Andres Torres? Oh yeah, playing for the Mets.
I guess I will be watching a lot of baseball this year.  I know players come and go, but really, there are too many new names to learn and what do I do now with my Ross is Boss T-shirt? Ross is Boss-ton?
I can't do it.
Sure, I’ll find new players to stalk follow.  And I’ll learn the new names ( usually right before they’re traded and you’ll hear me in the stands saying,” Well now, who is he? Where did he come from?” ) But really, Cody, Andres – my super secret boyfriends -- I will miss you.  We had some good times together.  Thankfully I have the scrapbooks to prove it.

Friday April 13th is the Giants home opener :: 1:35 pm, against the Pirates. If you are going, I don't want to know. I failed to plan ahead this year and request a vacation day. And if you have any tips for learning these new players, pass them on.
Go Giants!!

What do you want to do this weekend?

Berkeley Bay Festival, Saturday April 14th.  Free Sailboat and Dragon Boat rides.

DogFest 2012, Pet Parade and Carnival, April 14, Duboce Park.

Cherry Blossom Festival, Japantown, San Francisco, Saturday-Sunday, April 14-15

Castro Theatre, Sunday April 15th Double Feature:: Sutro's: The Palace at Land's End & Remembering


  1. Cody was new once too, and we found room in our hearts for him. Don't you think Crawford is adorable? And...don't forget, Buster is back! Here's to a glorious season, and let the home opener be the model for more great games to come!