Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Getting Hot in Here

As promised in my last post, today I want to talk about those grand New Year’s resolutions we made just eight weeks ago.  So here’s my question -- How are they working out for you?
Can you believe we are almost through the second month of the year?  Do you even remember what your New Year’s resolutions were?
It’s funny, isn’t it, that the rolling over from one year to another brings us this renewed hope that we will suddenly become more disciplined than we were the day ( & year) before.  We think we can lose 20 pounds; organize every part of our life; give up sugar; coffee; carbs and all bad habits, all at once.

Here is how my New Year’s resolution thinking goes…..follow the bouncing ball on this logic:
I think, “Ok, I’ll make a resolution. And if it doesn’t hold, then my birthday is half way through the month of January, and I’ll start over….and if I need to, then comes Chinese New Year and by then I’ll really be able to get it right…and then….well….if that didn’t work, Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent will be upon me and I’ll try again.”  Clearly I know I need to give myself a lot of chances and that my level of discipline in these matters is pretty low.

New habits are hard to make and old habits are hard to break.  This isn’t news or even very insightful, I know.  I try less to think of it as a resolution and what I try to do is start something new; to make a list of 5-10 things I’d like to try but haven’t.

The first one on my list this year was Bikram Yoga.  A few friends have encouraged me to try it  since I enjoy yoga in general.  I now question these relationships.  Anyway, I chose a place in San Francisco, but I'll keep the exact location to myself since my experience was not their fault.  By that you can guess where this is headed!  Bikram yoga, I've decided, is akin to being baked alive in a 105 degree room. Steamed, really. Steamed alive while trying to stand on your head.  I spent most of the time panting heavily, laying on my mat and planning my funeral procession music, as I was sure I would not make it through the class (how upset will my mother be if I choose a Prince song, and will I have time to text it to her before I die?).
I was overwhelmed by how much I was sweating.  I mean, I’m a runner and in decent shape, but I was in a pool of water after barely 10 minutes.  Sorry for sharing that, but even the Guinness folks would have been amazed.  And while I thought I was in the “beginner” class, the instructor sure treated it like some sort of boot camp.  There was a whole lot of yelling and ordering, 
Lift! Lift! Extend! Breathe! ” 

It was the longest hour and half of my life. Maybe that's why people like it. It makes time….stand…..still. Perhaps then making you feel like you are extending your life? I don’t know, but this is the only reason I can think that people would do this to themselves on a regular basis. I did not feel relaxed or meditative or refreshed or in touch with anything other than the fact I never want to live anywhere where it actually gets this hot.  I also wondered if I would be the first person to die while in a back bend, and would they put that in my obituary?  At this point I thought it best to lay on my mat and hope for the possibility of passing out.  At the end of class, I whimpered out a ‘thank you’ to the instructor, even though in my head I was saying,” thank you for the humiliation, near-death experience, and why do you yell?”

In my non-enlightened state, I went to Starbucks on my way to the car.  In my world, a non-fat, no foam latte can repair anything. And it did.  Now is when I should tell you that I just gave those up for Lent.  Should anyone care, I am in day 3 of withdrawal, and I. Am. Cranky! Only 37 more days to go!

Because I don’t seem to learn, the next item on my list:  a class at the House Of Air, a trampoline gym in the Presidio in San Francisco.  At least it's not hot in there.
Check out the trampoline dodgeball video here:

Hey, hey, hey it’s Oscar Weekend!!  Have fun!
Where to watch on Sunday if you don't want to stay home!
On Sunday Postrio will screen the show as well as have cocktails and other beverages for sale throughout the entirety of the show.

Cityhouse at Parc 55 Hotel
Starting at 3pm, Cityhouse at Parc 55 will air the pre-show and show.  They will also serve half priced
bubbly, popcorn, and other movie-going faire.

Balboa Theatre
Beginning at 3:30, they're asking guests to dress "up or down as your favorite nominated movie (literal translation and bad puns allowed), or as a movie star."  Best costume winners can score movie passes, DVDs, posters, t-shirts and more.

Lark Theatre
Awards night party starts at 4pm.


  1. So... which Prince song?

  2. Love the videos!!! When do we get those fancy trampolines at the library?