Friday, December 9, 2011

Porcupines: the new hedgehog?

I stumbled upon a couple of videos yesterday that I have to share with you.
I have to share them because they are ridiculously cute, and I am all about the cute, especially when it involves animals; also I can not seem to collect my thoughts this week to create a more involved post.  I blame the full moon on the 10th for my lack on concentration.

These two videos are of Teddy Bear, the adorable porcupine who is a part of Zooniversity,   a teaching zoo in Texas that takes animals "on the road" for educational purposes.
I've never seen a porcupine up close.  Occasionally I have seen them while hiking, but they quickly scurry away.  All I know is that they are so cute, and the way this one makes it's little "talking" noises makes me laugh.

First, Teddy eats corn on the cob, just like we do!

Everyone should have dessert!

....and I have to say, don't his little squeaky noises remind you of Cousin Itt from the Adams Family? ( Cousin Itt starts "talking" at :58 )

Have some fun this weekend! There is so much going on all around the Bay::

If I could do anything I wanted to this weekend, I would go to the Erykah Badu concert, which is tonight at the Warfield in San Francisco. Details here:

If you have not had the salted caramel hot chocolate at Ghiradelli Square, you are missing out on a treasure.  Go in the evening, it's less crowded, plus you can check out the beautiful Christmas Tree

SFMade Holiday Gift Fair at Fort Mason

Holiday Gifty Art Sale and Open House at the Crucible in Oakland

Berkeley Artisan Open Studios

Home for the Holidays free Open House at the Marin Mammel Center


  1. Oh, sweet little Teddy Bear! So cute!
    great post Trish. Kathleen

  2. I really enjoy your blog. Somehow your moods reflect mine--same full moon?

  3. Love your blog and feeding the fish! A great way to unwind!